Operation Hailstone.

The Air raid of Truk.

17-8 Feb. 1944.













17 February, Thu. --
TF 58 (Vice Admiral Raymond A. Spruance), which includes nine carriers and six battleships, strikes Japanese installations and shipping at Truk, in Operation HAILSTONE inflicting massive damage; enemy air attacks in response succeed in only damaging carrier Intrepid (CV-11) with an aerial torpedo, 07
°23'N, 153°32'E.
SB2Cs and TBFs from carrier Bunker Hill (CV-17) and TBFs from small carrier Cowpens (CVL-25) sink Japanese light cruiser Naka 35 miles west of Truk, 07
°15'N, 151°15'E, while battleships New Jersey (BB-62) and Iowa (BB-61), heavy cruisers Minneapolis (CA-36) and New Orleans (CA-32) and destroyers Radford (DD-446) and Burns (DD-588) sink training cruiser Katori northwest of Truk, 07°45'N, 151°20'E, after she had been damaged by planes from carriers Yorktown (CV-10), Intrepid (CV- 11) and Bunker Hill (CV-17) and small carrier Cowpens. TG 50.3 gunfire sinks destroyer Maikaze 40 miles northwest of Truk, 07°45'N, 151°20'E. Destroyer Burns (DD-588), detached from TG 50.9, sinks Japanese submarine chaser Ch 24 west of Truk, 07°24'N, 150°30'E.

TF 58 planes sink Japanese destroyer Oite (carrying survivors of light cruiser Agano sunk the day before), 07°40'N, 151°45'E; destroyer Tachikaze, 07°40'N, 151°55'E; armed merchant cruiser Akagi Maru, 07°54'N, 151°25'E; auxiliary submarine depot ship Heian Maru; aircraft transport Fujikawa Maru; transports Rio de Janeiro Maru, Kiyozumi Maru, Aikoku Maru, Gosei Maru, Hanakawa Maru, Hokuyo Maru, Amagisan Maru, and Kensho Maru; Matsutani Maru, 07°23'N, 151°05'E; Momokawa Maru, 07°20'N, 151°53'E; Reiyo Maru, 07°25'N, 151°45'E; San Francisco Maru, 07°22'N, 151°54'E; Seiko Maru, 07°22'N, 151°45'E; Taiho Maru, 07°22'N, 151°34'E; Zukai Maru,07°46'N, 150°27'E; No.6 Unkai Maru; Yamagiri Maru, 07°23'N, 151°51'E; fleet tankers Fujisan Maru, Hoyo Maru (damaged on 4 November 1943 by submarine Scorpion), Shinkoku Maru, and No.3 Tonan Maru; water carrier Nippo Maru, 07°20'N, 151°40'E; auxiliary vessel Yamakisan Maru, 07°25'N, 151°45'E; army cargo ships Nagano Maru and Yubai Maru; merchant cargo ship Taikichi Maru; and motor torpedo boat Gyoraitei No.10, 07°31'N, 151°59'E.

18 February, Fri. --

TF 58 (Vice Admiral Raymond A. Spruance) repeats strike on Japanese installations and vessels at Truk; TF 58 planes sink destroyer Fumizuki, 07°24'N, 151°44'E; submarine chaser Ch 29, 07°25'N, 151°45'E; and motor torpedo boat Gyoraitei No.10, 07°31'N, 151°59'E.

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The Air raid of Truk.


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