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•}ŒK‹‰‘•bŠÍFuso classc•}ŒKFuso.


’·–勉 Nagato class’·–å Nagato.—¤‰œ Mutsu

•}ŒK‹‰ Fuso class

•}ŒK Fuso
ŽRé Yamashiro

ˆÉ¨‹‰ Ise class

ˆÉ¨ Ise

ҜΟ Hyuka
‰Á‰ê‹‰ Kaga class ‰Á‰ê Kaga “y² Tosa
‘å˜a‹‰ Yamato class ‘å˜a Yamato •‘  Musashi M”Z Shinano (101†ŠÍ) #101

„—míŠÍ Battlecruisers
‹à„‹‰ Kongo class ‹à„ Kongo ”ä‰b Hiei Y–¼ Haruna –¶“‡ Kirishima


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